20+ Best Free Yoga WordPress Themes For Gym, Fitness Center and Studio

Our lives have grown far more pleasant as a result of contemporary technology and easily accessible luxury. Despite our affluent lifestyle, we struggle to maintain our physical and mental health. A growing number of people are seeking ways to keep healthy. Yoga is a collection of activities for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being that is one of these answers.

Yoga is a global phenomenon, with numerous health and fitness establishments becoming increasingly popular. Websites and blogs devoted to yoga and wellness are also on the increase. If you want to create a website for your company, a digital footprint can help you succeed.

WordPress is one of the greatest platforms for creating a website, however, there are 20+ Best Free Yoga WordPress Themes 2023 available for various projects and goals. If you want to establish your own website or blog, the possibilities might be rather overwhelming.

What do you look for in a yoga WordPress theme?

A decent WordPress theme may help you increase your sales, and you need the right functionality to get the most out of your website. Before you begin, you should create your website and choose which features you require.

Here are some characteristics to look for in the best free yoga WordPress themes:

Design for Responsiveness

A responsive design will pique your audience’s interest and keep them interested. A mobile-friendly theme with a responsive design that adapts well to all screen sizes will appeal to the rising number of mobile browsers and viewers.

Customizable Options

Approximately 38% of consumers will not interact with an unappealing website. Similarly, 94% of consumers do not trust some websites because of their design. A unique theme may help you stand out from the crowd.

You have the ability to update, modify, and delete features as you see appropriate. It will also provide you with a professional advantage and have fewer issues than other themes. A custom WordPress theme will also provide you with additional support choices.

Features on several pages

Multiple pages will provide visitors with easier access to extensive information. Having multi-page features, as opposed to single-page designs, will make it easier to add additional information and announcements to the website and keep audiences up to date.

Integration of Social Media

Having a social media presence is essential for internet businesses. You may raise consumer interest in your project or business by using social media. Social media plugins and content optimization can help you learn the abilities to make your project or business more visible and showing that it cares about its audience.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

SEO may assist you to increase your search engine ranking. Organic searches on search engines like Google generate a significant volume of traffic for businesses, increasing the visibility of your website to your target audience.

Newsletter Form 

Newsletters allow you to engage with your audience. It also allows you to reach out to more people and stay in touch with them via email newsletters. The more engaged your audience is, the better off your company will be.

How to Create Yoga Websites (Step-by-step)

Do you want to create a yoga website but aren’t sure where to begin? I assure you that it is not as tough as you may believe. This article will walk you through the whole process of creating your own yoga website with WordPress – best free yoga WordPress themes.

Get a domain

The domain is the name under which your website will be discovered; for example, this website’s domain is happyyogamarketing.com. You may use this tool to see if your desired domain name is available.

If you’re not sure what to use as a domain name, I strongly advise you to choose some combination of your name. Your name is the one thing that will stick with you throughout your career, even if your business’s emphasis shifts from yoga to nutrition or vice versa.

Attempt to obtain a domain for your nation (for example,.co.uk) or a.com. Other domains, such as.me or. yoga may appear innovative and unique, but many people will have difficulty remembering them.

Choose a hosting provider

There are so many hosting companies that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. Many blogs promote Bluehost, but I’ve heard nothing but bad things about them, which is why I don’t. I’ve been with 1&1 since I created my first website and have never had any issues, however many people complain about their customer support as well. 

A hosting provider will cost you an amount of money a month (less if they run an offer) and includes hosting and one domain, so you’re set. You don’t need a larger plan if you’re just getting started, but be prepared to upgrade when your traffic grows.

After you’ve decided on a plan, you may input your desired domain name, and if it’s available, Siteground will obtain it for you as part of the deal. If you currently own a domain, just transfer it to Siteground.

Finally, input your personal information and payment information, making sure to uncheck all of the extras (you don’t need them), and click send. And there you have it, hosting + domain setup, woohoo!

Install WordPress

After you’ve paid for your hosting plan, your account will be created, and you’ll be able to access the client area. Siteground provides the best free yoga WordPress themes Preinstall option, which makes it extremely simple.

Enter your WordPress Login information on the following screen. For security purposes, I recommend that you select a username that is NOT your name or the name of your website, and that is NOT admin! This is really essential. Choose a safe password with at least 8 characters, digits, and anything else that can’t be readily hacked. Keep these data handy; you’ll need them later.

Following that, you will be prompted to select a web design template to be installed alongside your WordPress. Just disregard this for the time being; we’ll get to the theme later.

On the following page, you will see your information as well as your admin URL, which will look something like http://yourwebsitename.com/wp-login.php. This is your website admin URL; bookmark it and prepare your login information.

Choose a theme among best free yoga WordPress themes

Before we begin building your gleaming new WordPress website, you must first select a theme. A theme is responsible for all of your best free yoga WordPress themes site’s frontend style, such as page layouts, fonts, and colors. You can use a free theme from the best free yoga WordPress themes directory or a paid premium theme.

Create your content for Yoga & Fitness website

When you first glance at your website, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look anything like the lovely theme demo. Because you haven’t yet produced any stuff!

Begin by looking through yoga websites that you enjoy and your theme demo. If this is your first WordPress site, I recommend that you stick as near to the demo content as possible. Consider your navigation menu, header picture, intro material, additional content you want to market, begin collecting testimonials and have your social media connections available.

Because this is the core of your website, take your time developing your content. Have someone else edit your content, create some stunning photos, and have everything ready for the next stage. To understand more, see my blog post about the fundamentals of effective website design.

Set up your online website

It’s time to set up your best free yoga WordPress themes now that you’ve installed it and produced your content! In your backend, include your logo, header picture, intro copy, menu, and widgets. How you accomplish this is heavily influenced by the subject you’ve picked. Examine your theme’s documentation and play around with it until you’re satisfied with the results.

WordPress fundamentals that you must understand in order to set up your website:

Pages are used for static pages such as your About page or Contact page. Postings that you utilize as blog posts. Blog articles may be organized into categories and tags and shown in chronological order. There is no limit to how many articles or pages may be made.

Widgets are little tools that enable you to add various capabilities and features to your sidebar or theme layouts without having to write any code. Appearance » Widgets is where you’ll find them.

Menus decide how your navigation will appear. You may do so by going to Appearance » Menus. You may add your initial pages to your main navigation once you’ve finished creating them.

Install WordPress plugins

Plugins are, without a doubt, the finest feature of WordPress! A plugin is a piece of software that has a collection of functionalities that can be added to your WordPress website without requiring you to write a single line of code. They may enhance or add new features to your websites, such as backups, security features, analytics, SEO tools, social media sharing, and much more. There are many free plugins available for download, and you can also purchase premium plugins from a variety of developers and organizations.

Connect your website with Google Analytics

Knowing how your audience interacts with your website is crucial for going ahead and Google Analytics is a wonderful tool to help you with that – and it’s free! To begin, you must establish a Google Analytics account. Visit the Google Analytics Signup Page to get started.

You may sign in using your Gmail account if you already have one. If you do not already have a Gmail account, you will need to create one. Sign up for Google Analytics using your Gmail account and select a website to track. The needed information on the page is self-explanatory. Enter your website’s URL, account name (whatever you like), country, and time zone.

Following that, you will be given your tracking ID. You’ll need to copy this tracking code and paste it into your WordPress site. You may add the Analytics code to your website using either your theme or a plugin, such as the Google Analytics plugin. Simply paste the Google Analytics code into the theme’s settings page and you’re done. Please keep in mind that Google may take up to 24 hours to begin giving you site data.

Connect your social media accounts

Following that, you will be given your tracking ID. You’ll need to copy this tracking code and paste it into your WordPress site.

You may add the Analytics code to your website using either your theme or a plugin, such as the Google Analytics plugin. Simply paste the Google Analytics code into the theme’s settings page and you’re done. Please keep in mind that Google may take up to 24 hours to begin giving you site data.

Top best WordPress Theme for Yoga & Fitness

Top best Premium yoga WordPress themes

Ekommart Multipurpose WordPress theme for Yoga & Fitness

ekommart yoga wordpress theme


Ekommart is ideal for newcomers looking for the best WordPress themes for yoga and fitness. Ekommart is a multipurpose WordPress theme with a gorgeous all-in-one design. You have more options to establish a website because it comes with 23+ preset E-commerce demos suitable for any yoga and fitness concept. Your website can be done in the same style as the example with just one click. You get front and interior demo content examples, as well as a large range of features and functionalities that will serve you well. 

Furthermore, Ekommart is simple to use with Elementor support, so anyone may use it. It is simple to use for anyone. Ekommart is a WordPress eCommerce theme that has all of the features you’re looking for. You can choose the best theme from among these single product WordPress themes if you’ve already decided on a theme for your single product business. The template is suitable for a wide range of topics, including electronics and computers, home and furnishings, markets, sports, and the outdoors.

Because the template includes Dokan Multi-vendor Marketplace, which was created by WordPress users for WordPress users, you can be confident that you are in skilled hands. The plugin provides a customizable shop as well as the option to provide further support. Customers and vendors have access to a robust frontend dashboard that enables simple management of item inventories, including sales, orders, discounts, coupons, and more.

Smartic Gym & Fitness Shop WordPress Theme

smartic gym fitness wordpress theme


Smartic is a WooCommerce WordPress theme with a single product landing page. Each Smartic demo has been designed to advertise a certain product, such as a smartwatch, a kitchen gadget, or a food item. The homepage layout is comparable to that of a landing or sales page, allowing you ample opportunity to describe your offer to potential consumers.

The front page of your WooCommerce store may include a large header area with space for showing an image of your product alongside some text, a panel for sharing key details about your product or how it works, and a part for publishing evaluation and comments from people who have used your brand, depending on which Smartic demo you choose. The pre-built homepages also include an add-to-cart button, which is normally found at the bottom of the layouts and invites your visitors to buy anything.

You may open the templates that come with this theme, including the WooCommerce templates, and start modifying them in a modern drag-and-drop user interface since Smartic was developed to integrate with the famous Elementor page builder plugin. Smartic is also a fantastic WordPress theme for advertising and selling single items on the internet.

Vigor WordPress Theme for Fitness

Vigor gym yoga wordpress theme


Vigor is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is both youthful and lively. It includes single-page and multi-page demonstrations that you may use to get started with your website development. Customers now have access to 20 sample variations as well as more than 50 portfolio and gallery layouts.

There are just too many reasons to appreciate this theme: it’s energetic and luminously bright, vibrant, and fresh-faced. Advanced HTML5, CSS3, parallax, and AJAX technologies are used to build a strong foundation and an absolutely stunning theme.

It has fantastic demo content for personal portfolios, modern agencies, one-page businesses, and one-page agencies. Vigor has a simple code foundation that makes it load quickly and is search engine friendly. With such a simple design, the theme really shines when it comes to stunning black-and-white pictures, as seen by the screenshot and the theme’s demo.

Fitlap Fitness Shop WooCommerce Theme

fitlap fitness wordpress theme


If you’re looking for a responsive theme for gym and fitness clubs, sports and health centers, training and training centers, gym, personal trainers, and trainer websites, Fitlap is a great option. This fantastic WordPress theme may also be used to construct a fitness-related e-commerce shop. It comes with a variety of home page samples from which to pick.

A sleek and modern WordPress yoga and fitness theme. It works on all platforms, so your site visitors can have the same experience on their phones and tablets as they can on their computers. This theme is also SEO, speed, and performance-optimized. Thanks to Elementor, a drag-and-drop page builder, you can completely design a website without any coding knowledge. With a one-click demo import, you can quickly set up the theme.

Costix Multipurpose WP Theme for Gym

costix gym wordpress theme


As the top yoga theme for the fitness industry, Costix has the following features: cursor, video support, calls to action, animated statistics, back-to-top tool, parallax effect, and loading content on the scroll. The site design is also completely customizable and responsive, ensuring a seamless and error-free experience across all devices and platforms. If you want to broaden your horizons, partner with Costix and take your company to new heights.

Costix is a WordPress theme that may be used for a variety of purposes, including security services. One of the more than twenty demos in the collection is dedicated to security and protection. You might wish to use Costix right away because of its current, clean appearance and fancy features. If you need to make any extra modification tweaks, use the Elementor drag and drop page builder.

Coach Yoga WordPress Theme



Opal WordPress designed a terrific theme for the fitness industry Coach – Sport Clubs, Fitness Centers & Courses WordPress Theme with unique and modern design inspiration and a love for sports business. The fantastic theme is appealing, with four homepage demos and a plethora of outstanding sliders and banners to assist you to select the perfect one for your online business. 

With the 1-click installation, you can create any demo with a single click. The Multipurpose WordPress Theme is simple to adjust thanks to the theme control panel, which contains a plethora of essential choices for managing your site.

It’s a tasty combination of sporting fanatics, fitness club management, and their clientele. Coach is ideal for Gyms, Fitness Clubs, Personal Trainers, Health Centers, and other sports and health-related businesses such as Yoga, Boxing, Zumba, Training Classes, and Courses.

Top best Free yoga WordPress themes


The Prowess theme has nine distinct homepage demos, one of which features a unique gallery layout that will make your website stand out. The theme makes use of a full-width slider, which may be utilized to present your most current blog entries or to highlight your most popular yoga routines. Use the beautiful newsletter form to begin developing your email list and creating trust by including counters that demonstrate how many satisfied customers you’ve had. You can simply incorporate a built-in BMI calculator to better serve your audience and encourage them to interact with your website.

The theme is simple to adjust owing to the robust theme admin panel, and it comes with a free timetable plugin to display your class schedule. Using a drag-and-drop page builder, create your own unique layout. The theme is also responsive, works with WooCommerce, and lets you grow your audience with built-in social network buttons and feed integration.


Anahata - one of the best free yoga WordPress themes


The Anahata – one of the best free yoga WordPress themes has a calm, serene layout that is perfect for yoga, fitness, and lifestyle blogs and businesses. The theme includes 12 homepages, some of which are specifically for yoga studios and blogs. As a result, you get a few stock pictures and other components that will only function in the yoga business. The lovely schedules open up a world of options for yoga companies. People may check-in for forthcoming sessions and either mark it on their own calendars or reserve a time slot for themselves. The event calendar is available in monthly, daily, and list views, resulting in a simple, readily accessible style for all users.

The About Us page, for example, is set up for you to fill in your own information and express what your yoga studio is all about. Furthermore, strong typography, simple color adjustments, and a completely adaptable design for yogis on the go are among the key features. Furthermore, the Anahata theme has WooCommerce support in case you want to start selling anything from products to yoga mats. Furthermore, the Anahata theme includes the drag-and-drop Visual Composer plugin, which is useful for individuals who would prefer to skip coding entirely. The Anahata yoga theme has configurable Google Maps, parallax sections, giant menus, picture zoom, and portfolio listings.


If you’re searching for a visually appealing approach to market your yoga sessions, the Yoku – the best free yoga WordPress themes – is a great place to start. This theme has all of the features you’d expect from a yoga theme (which we’ll go over shortly), as well as its own LMS or learning management system for offering online yoga lessons. Isn’t it amazing? There’s no need to look for an LMS that works with a theme you like, or vice versa when the LMS is built directly into the theme.

This premium theme also integrates with third-party streaming platforms to deliver your yoga lessons to your students. It also offers a number of customization tools and features to help you create the precise sort of site you want to represent your company. To modify the color scheme, use color pickers. Change individual page layouts and designs with GoodLayers Page Builder, and use the one-click demo importer to install a sample you prefer – one of many — so you’re not developing and designing from the beginning.

Both the Revolution Slider and the LightGallery plugins make it simpler to show media in novel and appealing ways throughout your whole site. Yoku is a strong premium theme that would be beneficial to any online yoga instructor.


uDesign  theme


With over 50,000 purchases and an average rating of 4.65 out of 5, this is a popular yoga among best free yoga WordPress themes. uDesign is as adaptable as your joints, with a plethora of demonstrations, each built with a certain company in mind.

The wide range of styles demonstrates what the uDesign template is capable of. The yoga sample template is nicely designed, with a full-width header and obvious call to action, text sections emphasizing certain services, and the option to purchase various yoga packages.


Hatha theme


If you’re searching for a modern and clean theme for your yoga website, the Hatha theme is ideal. The theme includes six pre-made homepages that can be imported into your website with a single click. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of booking lessons directly on your website, and you can also sell yoga and wellness goods using WooCommerce.

Hatha is a responsive theme that is simple to customize. You may modify the fonts, colors, and add your logo, among other things. You may also create your own page layouts with the Elementor page builder plugin. Furthermore, the theme has dozens of inner pages that may be utilized to highlight your teachers, offer information about your school, and more. The theme is also SEO-friendly and provides a variety of header styles and behaviors.


Nirvana wordpress


You can construct a one-page website, but it comes with a huge menu and a lot of pages by default. Translations are permitted to reach out to individuals who do not speak your language, and premium sliders include animations and overlaying text to direct visitors to your sales sites. Color and font management is pretty simple, and the drag-and-drop editor is suitable for both experienced and novice users. Finally, the Yoga Fit – among the best free yoga WordPress themes – has a responsive style for visitors who want to see the site on mobile devices.

The Nirvana theme is designed in an attractive and modern style. The site makes it simple to present the services and classes that your studio provides. Pricing tables, inner pages for class teachers, class schedules, and testimonials are all available. The theme is WooCommerce compatible, so you can simply sell yoga-related goods from your website.

Health Coach

With the Health Coach theme, you may promote your own yoga coaching or class activities. As a result, it’s perfect for people who manage a studio with no other trainers but you. The theme is entirely responsible for a stunning appearance on smaller screens, and it has an easy-to-use page builder for customizing things like colors, logos, and fonts. When you purchase the Health Coach theme – best free yoga WordPress themes- you will receive the Visual Composer plugin for free, which is an excellent addition for anyone who does not want to program features such as sliders and video spots. Slider Revolution is also provided for displaying a variety of photographs highlighting various promotions and events you may conduct.

Health Coach has translation-ready tools to help you reach out to those who don’t speak your language. Furthermore, the approximately 630 Google Fonts enhance the effectiveness of your branding approach. One of our favorite elements of the theme is the backdrop area, which lets you use either a video or a parallax background, both of which are known to draw attention and show visitors what your yoga studio is all about. You can’t go wrong with the Health Coach theme, which includes Font Awesome icons and PSD files for more sophisticated developers.


Kriya Yoga theme


The Kriya Yoga theme features a soothing color palette that is ideal for yoga websites that promote inner harmony and a mindful lifestyle. It features a lot of white space, so your content and call to action will stand out without making your pages appear cluttered. The site begins with a beautiful dynamic slider and continues down to allow you to show brief information about the many forms of yoga practice that your yoga studio offers. You may also use the postures module to display photos and full explanations of each yoga stance.

You may highlight your yoga instructors, offer information about yoga courses, and promote your events using the built-in Course module. But that’s not all the Kriya Yoga concept has to offer. Because of the WooCommerce integration, you may sell yoga-related goods with this theme. Adding video content is equally simple, as is displaying testimonials from previous pupils. The theme is also fully responsive and comes with dozens of preset inner pages as well as shortcodes for adding features like buttons, columns, tabs, and more.

Fitness Life

Fitness Life wordpress theme


Fitness Life is ideal for yoga studios and instructors, despite being intended for almost any sort of fitness company. It provides the ideal blend of style, features, and professionalism to effectively serve any sports-related business and functions with that specific goal in mind. This theme is totally responsive, so it will look fantastic regardless of the device on which it is viewed. It also includes sections dedicated to the precise kind of material you’d need to write up for a yoga studio. Trainers, Classes, Membership, and Testimonials are among the pages on which you may get information. More conventional sites, such as a news list and a contact form, are also provided.

Other features include an infinite color scheme, unique share buttons, international support, a child theme included, 12 custom widgets, and more.


Yogi wordpress theme


If your yoga studio wants a calm, clean style with responsive components, choose the Yogi theme. The theme has four unique post kinds, including class, trainer, and testimonial. You may use these to increase your trustworthiness and even provide information about forthcoming events. We really like the trainer post kinds for putting a face to your organization and demonstrating who customers may anticipate working with while attending yoga sessions. The Yogi theme comes with two demos, enabling you to pick the best one for you. The custom floating menu has the ability to lead visitors through your site regardless of where they end up.

The Yogi theme gives you access to a plethora of shortcodes and widgets, all of which help you construct your site faster. Some of the widgets and shortcodes, for example, allow you to create spaces for recent courses, trainers, video sliders, and class schedules. The class calendar has the advantage of allowing your clients to select the events by category, so if they aren’t interested in advanced yoga, they can entirely delete that choice. The membership package is a unique feature since it attracts customers who are prepared to pay money on a regular basis. You can easily distribute your products and collect money.


The Yogastudio WordPress theme – among the top best free yoga WordPress themes – is designed particularly for yoga studios, and it features a great responsive design for those studios looking for something simple yet professional. The simple design is ideal for a typical yoga studio, and the gorgeous font can be changed on the backend, providing for an easy branding scenario. Upload your logo from the WordPress dashboard, and then utilize the fantastic social engagement features to spread the news about your lessons. The blog is fully prepared for you to share content, and the various post styles are suitable for many sorts of media.

The Yogastudio WordPress theme includes two slider plugins that allow you to convey information about events, courses, tips, and blog articles. The theme includes SEO optimization, and the translation files ensure that those who don’t understand your language may still come and experience the benefits of yoga. Customers may make an appointment fast by clicking a button and filling out a form. The theme allows you to establish an online store, which is useful for increasing revenue and offering more resources to your clients.

Dream Spa

Dream Spa theme


Doesn’t the Dream Spa theme appear to be relaxing? Well, you may simply capitalize on that ambiance while marketing your yoga studio. This theme includes the Layer Slider and Slider Revolution, giving you many choices for presenting your information using text, photos, music, video, and buttons. It also has animated galleries. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from one to four-column grid galleries that display with or without a sidebar. You may also select from a variety of header designs.

Dream Spa also has a special post type for Procedures, which may be simply customized for your Class Description page. Choose from six distinct skins in boxed or full-width formats. The feature is a giant menu to help guarantee your site visitors get where they need to go, and the supplied widgets and shortcodes make customizing a breeze.

Spa Treats

Spa Treats theme


Spa Treats’ design, style, and layout radiate a sense of health and happiness. It strikes a good balance between professionalism and levity, which I like. It is suitable for both spa companies such as yoga studios and restaurants, making it a really versatile theme. It’s responsive, of course, but it also includes two sliders, including the Layer Slider and Slider Revolution plugins – a $30 value. Because of the full connection with the e-commerce platform, you can quickly switch between the two versions of this theme with the press of a button and set up WooCommerce product listings.

This theme is translation-ready due to WPML plugin support, and it features the Buddha Panel, which allows you to make design changes from the backend without requiring code. Everything from the website layout to the font to the color may be changed here.

Wrapping up

As you can see from this list, there is a wide range of “Best Free Yoga WordPress Themes available. If you are on a tight budget or are just starting out, a free yoga theme WordPress may be the way to go. However, if you’re searching for additional features and functionality, a premium yoga WordPress theme may be the best solution.


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