5 Free Tools Support Affiliate Marketing Effectively

With the emergence of search engines in the mid-1990’s, the internet ballooned into a massive e-commerce and information machine. Website owners were creating valuable content and providing tremendous benefits to their visitors, and these website owners wanted to be compensated for their hard work. Early forms of online advertising like CPM or fixed placement started seeing competition from emerging, more accountable forms of online advertising, like affiliate marketing. And Tools to support in the activities of advertising, promoting products, brands and services are very necessary and important. In our series of blog, Opal WordPress also shared you Online Marketing Trends are worthy watching in 2016. Of all, Internet Marketing in general and Affiliate Marketing in specific is always a good choice for users. Today, we will spend time reviewing all matters relating this marketing strategy and then focus on sharing you 5 Free Tools Support Affiliate Marketing Effectively. Hoping through it you can improve marketing knowledge, develop online business and increase income better.
Before we discuss the main part of the blog, we will give you some general knowledge about Affiliate Marketing:

  • What’s Affiliate Marketing?
  • Its forms of operating.
  • Why do we choose this form?

#1. What’s Affiliate Marketing?

It is a small brand of Internet Marketing  and one of the most popular making money online in the world. Publishers usually use one or many websites to promotes advertiser’s product, brands or services in exchange for earning a commission. Affiliate marketing at its very core is about relationship, a profitable relationship between three parties: Advertisers, Publishers and Consumers. This form is more optimized than other traditional ones because we are only paid commission if promoting products effectively.

#2. Its forms of operating

Now there are some popular forms of Affiliate Marketing including:
CPC (Cost per click)
This is the first one of making money online from Affiliate Marketing. Publishers will receive commission when customers visit the websites and click onto the link to the home page of advertisers. The value of commission will be calculated on the number of clicks, for example $5/1000 clicks..

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CPA (Cost per action)
For this form, Publishers will receive commission when customers perform a require of advertisers such as filling a form, registering an account, email..This form appears many cheats, so it is not also used worldwide.
CPS (Cost per sale)
Maybe this is the most enduring form publishers choose to use. Commission is only paid when there is a transaction completed, which brings profit for both advertisers and publishers. Therefor, CPS is being used more popular than 2 those forms.
Besides, we also take care Affiliate Network – the medium between advertisers and publishers. Advertisers will provide products or services, publishers will find products they want to promote. Affiliate Network plays a role of providing technological fundamentals such as links, banners, track and analyze effectively marketing as well as the dispute and pay commission. Some famous Affiliate Network:

  • Clickbank
  • Warrior Plus
  • Commission Junction
  • Amazon
  • Google 
  • Shareasale …

For example: The CJ Network is capable of tracking and processing an enormous volume of actions and transactions. In 2011 alone, Commission Junction tracked a total of over 3 billion website visits, 175 million transactions and over $6 billion in online sales.

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#3. Why do we choose this form?

This is the question many people care and wonder ” Why do we choose this form?” among a beach of forms.

  • Don’t need to own product
  • Don’t deliver and support customers
  • Low cost
  • High commission
  • Improve marketing skills

Now after we have full of necessary knowledge of Affiliate Marketing, it is time for us to focus on the main part ” 5 Free Tools Support Affiliate Marketing Effectively

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1. Similar Web|similarweb.com

This is a perfect and easy to use tool for checking the efficiency of the website. You can quickly see the geographical location of the visitor, the website link, the research result, the appearance of your website on the social media..The components can use this tool to optimize website, increase the website visits, promote products and earn money easier.

2. Google Trends|Google.com/trends

Google maybe the website having data about users most, so this is the company helping us to know what is the trend of Internet users? What are they caring?What do they like? and You can change time, compare keywords, analyze the searching geographical location. After log in Google, you can see the researching result and use the trend data to predict the future.

3. Smallseotools| smallseotools.com

This website has more inside tools than others. It is used to appreciate the quality of Affiliate page. You can check quickly backlink, traffic, the speed of loading and give your customers to see.


4. gs.statcounter.com

A worry of affiliate publishers ” Tracking has operate well or not? This tool allows collect data and filter visits of users via tracking tag. It is very useful for checking if a link promotes a product via an other link.
In Conclusion, above is all of the knowledge about Affiliate and especially 5 Free Tools Support Affiliate Marketing Effectively  will be very helpful for you planning to do online business with Affiliate Marketing. Hoping you can read and choose the best one for your store. If you have any wonders or quick questions, please comment below or contact us via our support channels: Ticket Support System and [email protected], we will answer you right now. Remember to follow our social channels Facebook, TwitterLinkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to get it!
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