5 Simple Steps to Optimize SEO Website to The Top

As you know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines, which makes your website appear in the first position in the search results. Reason To Do SEO: 90% of Internet users use search engines. Being in the first place in search results increases the chances of reaching a large number of customers. 80% of customers view only the first page of search results. If the site is not in the TOP 30 of the search engine then the customer will not know your Website. Surely they will ignore and as a result your website will be pushed behind. So today Opal WordPress will spend a little time sharing you 5 Steps to Search Engine Optimization. In fact there are so many helpful methods. You can search in the Internet, read documentations or join the short term course about SEO. Hoping in this short time mixture with your skills and experiences, you will optimize SEO your website to TOP. Please take time and enjoy us!

1. Keyword Research

– Keywords are words or phrases that define a subject, an object, a concept.
– Searchers use keywords to search.
– Keyword research helps SEO the right audience, avoid wasting time, increase your chances of ranking on Google.
– Increase traffic to your website, reach the right audience, anticipate changes in search demand, create products, quality services to market.
– Choose low, medium or local niche keywords, then redirect to short and hard keywords to attract traffic.

2. Build Quality Content

– Quality content helps users stay on the page longer and increase the credibility of the site.
– Quality content includes:
+ Good or attractive title to attract the attention of customers, showing a general overview of content, helping customers evaluate the article is what they need.
+ Content details, novelties, related keywords want SEO. The more information provided to the reader, the more quality the content. It has images to illustrate for the content. You can insert related keywords in posts.

3. Onpage Optimization

– Title optimization should contain the keyword. Title length should not exceed 65 characters.
– Description should contain the keyword. Descriptive, attractive, help increase click-through rates on web pages.
– URL path optimization: Short, easy to read, easy to remember, contains keywords (no more than 100 characters and separated by dashes).
– Image Optimization (Alt): Enter the full content for the Title and Alt tags of the image.


4. Link Building.

– Any website with many external links and internal links pointing to the main site will help the article to stand higher.
– Build links from reputable sites, high quality, high rankings, and the same topic.

5. Re-perform the above steps

– Continuously build content, optimize the website and build links will help the website more and more trust.
In all, hoping with 5 Simple Steps to Optimize SEO Website to The Top, Bloggers, Writers or Masters can build up the successful articles. Remember to read and think it over before start writing. Surely they will be helpful for each your article. Time to time, you will feel more changes and improvements in the way of writing and produce the more qualified blogs. If you have any wonders or questions, please leave a below comment. We will check and feedback you right now!
Thanks a lot!