Best WordPress Database Plugins So Far To Keep Your Data Safe

We cannot run away from the fact that the internet is a risky place. Cybercriminals are on the lookout to hack into and website. The best way forward is to take precautions to secure your WordPress website. The secret is to get the best WordPress database plugins to keep your data safe.

The internet has a long list of tools that you can use in backing up your website. It is good to make sure that you are choosing the best WordPress database plugins to keep your website secure. This article only stipulates 5 out of the many solutions that are in the market. The criteria for choosing these plugins from the crowd are the fact that they stand out in terms of performance.

1. Wordfence Security: Firewall and Malware Scanning

Wordfence Security has more than 2 million active installations on the internet. This tells you that it is among the best WordPress database plugins for firewall and malware scans.

This tool fights malware, span, and other threats on a real-time basis. This platform has one of the most user-friendly dashboards. You should not be a technology wizard, possess an IT background, or study cybersecurity to be able to use Wordfence security.

The plugin can see data about the overall trends on your website. The report will reveal any attempted hacking on your website. It does not matter whether it is coming from potential malicious bots, Google crawlers, or human beings.

This plugin also has the option of blocking traffic from a certain country. If specific geographical locations have huge cybercrimes, you can block those attacks. Even the free version has several features that will keep your website safe. You will get brute force attacks and firewall protection.

The premium version has added features like real-time IP blacklisting, direct customer support assistance, and two-factor authentication. With this description, there is no doubt that this tool is among the best WordPress database plugins that what site seriously needs.

2. Secure Security: Auditing, Scanner,  Malware, and Security Hardening

The name of this plugin already reveals the extensive security features that it offers. Once you install it, you will benefit from website firewall, post hack security procedures, notifications, security hardening, and audits. You will also get blacklist monitoring, malware scanning, and firewall integrity monitoring.

All these features, apart from website firewall, fall under the free package. Therefore, the plugin offers a cost-effective way of protecting your website.  Most sites don’t require the website firewall that the premium version provides.

If you get an attack or hack, Sucuri Security will provide actionable steps to assist you to repair the damages. However, it does not make your website 100% impenetrable. There are a few chances of one or two things going wrong. The good news is that you will get an instant notification if something goes wrong.

The team will not sit back and just promise that the plugin is highly effective. Instead of making a false promise, this plugin will make sure that no one compromises your website. It is one of the things that will bring additional security to your website. In cases you encounter a problem, you can reach out to the support team through email or live chat.

3. iThemes Security

iThemes is another WordPress database plugin that is highly popular among users. The only challenge is that it does not offer so many options on the free version. Therefore, it is good to upgrade to the pro version if you want to get maximum benefits from it.

The free version will only give your website basic security. The pro version will deliver password expiration and security. You will also access file comparisons. Dashboard widgets, exporting and importing capabilities, and WordPress security keys.

The pro version also comes with user action logs, Google reCAPTCHA, scheduled malware scans, and two-factor authentication. Therefore, it is worthwhile to upgrade to the iThemes Security Pro version.

It has a scanning feature that will identify and potential vulnerabilities. The plugin can help you repair any problems within seconds. In case there is a potential security threat or problem on your website, you will get a notification through your email. It has extensive security tutorials that will be of great help to you.

4. All in One WP Security and Firewall

This plugin is packaged with several free features. It has an easy to use interface and you shouldn’t be a security or technology expert to know how things work.

The visual elements on the dashboard make this theme one of the best WordPress database plugins. You will get reports that have graphs to explain all the data metrics that are related to your website. The plugin also tells you the actions you can take to enhance the security of your WordPress website.

It segments all security features into three categories; advanced, intermediate, and basic. The plugin will scan your website for any vulnerabilities. After checking the vulnerabilities, the tool will help you to implement changes that will enhance the security of your website.

It also has spam security for the comment section. It is a good feature if you get so many comments on your website as it will help you to filter out spam. It recognizes the IP addresses that are renowned for spam and block them from your website. With all these features, you cannot fail to find this tool among the best WordPress database plugin.

5. BulletProof Security

This tool closes our list of the 5 best WordPress database plugins. Even though this tool is not as popular as the others, we cannot leave it out from our list because of the great features that it has.

Even though we had a few websites that installed this plugin being hacked, the cases have reduced significantly. You can easily install and run this app within a few clicks.

Its features include ant-hacking tools, ant-spam tools, data restores, data backups, malware scans, and security monitoring and security logs. It safeguards your site when going through back-end and front-end upgrades. It comes in handy when your site is more vulnerable to breaches and hacks.


These are the best WordPress database plugins that you can use the keep your site safe. You can use any of them depending on the nature of security threats that you are facing and your budget. You can be sure that each product in this category will give your website maximum security.

Author Bio: Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at Viacon, a digital marketing agency that drives visibility, engagement, and proven results. He is a passionate blogger and blogs at iDreamAgency.