Whet Your Appetite: Top 8 Best WordPress Menu Plugins for Restaurants in 2023

This article shows you the collection of Best WordPress Menu Plugins for Restaurants.

With WordPress, creating a distinctive website for your eatery is simple. To rapidly alter the site’s appearance and vibe, use a restaurant WordPress theme. While the majority of themes provide menu styles and templates, some don’t or don’t let you fully modify them.

In that situation, a WordPress eatery menu plugin will also be useful. Here are your top choices along with the scenarios in which they would be most useful. Take a look at our compilation of Top 8 Best Menu WordPress Plugins of 2023.

Whet Your Appetite: The Ultimate Guide to the Top 8 Best WordPress Menu Plugins for Restaurants in 2023

WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin

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A free tool for quickly making and customizing a menu and taking reservations via the internet is the MotoPress Restaurant Menu app. You can add a title, a summary, images, a price, a list of components, a comprehensive nutritional breakdown, attributes, and tags to each menu item. Additionally, you can group these things into groups and present them in a matrix or list format.

The WordPress Restaurant Menu plugin, in contrast to many others on this list, enables you to show your menus in articles, pages, and sidebars. This makes combining this component with any layout simple.

Five Star Restaurant Menu

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With the help of the highly regarded free WordPress plugin Five Star eatery Menu, you can quickly create a responsive eatery menu and purchasing system. With the help of a Gutenberg restaurant menu block or shortcode, you can quickly add the menu to any page on your website and modify it using the layout and modification options that are provided.

With this tool, you can not only create distinct menu areas for weekly specialties, appetizers, sweets, and other items, but you can also create entirely distinct menus that can be customized. This is excellent if, for instance, you want to showcase various lunch and evening menus on your website or if your restaurant has different sections, like a café and dining hall.

Food Menu

A free WordPress component for eatery menus is called Food Menu. You can manage every menu area, alter the hue and fonts, allow and stop images, and more. (Like title, price, excerpt, and label). Additionally, Food Menu offers a variety of templates, such as a grid, slider, filter, and WooCommerce layout, so you can design distinctive meals.

The variety of currencies that Food Menu offers is one of its main differentiators. Because of this, it works well for foreign websites that serve a wide population.

WP Food

WP Food


Another premium plugin, WP Food, enables eatery proprietors to develop and display their menus as well as accept and handle online orders in one location.

The ability to customize WP Food is its finest feature. You can construct custom food picture albums, write custom food descriptions, select from an infinite number of hues and typefaces, choose from a variety of layouts, including grid, list, table, and carousel (slider view), and establish one or up to five columns. You can design a menu that fits the style and feel of your restaurant’s website thanks to all these customization choices.


Foodlify Best WordPress Menu Plugins for Restaurants


Foodlify is a high-end, user-friendly WordPress tool for creating eatery menus. You can use this plugin to make each menu item’s name, picture, price, number, and summary visible. Visitors can also look by topic if you allow them to.

Foodlify is perfect for wholesale purchasers who want to create a straightforward menu and streamlined online purchasing system because it is made to make it incredibly simple for users to find the food products they want and order in quantity.

Best Restaurant Menu by PriceListo

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Another free plugin that lets you swiftly and simply build a menu for your restaurant website is Best Restaurant Menu. It includes a menu editor and five responsive layouts that make it simple to add menu item titles, explanations, pictures, and prices as well as combine and rearrange items. If you’d like, you can also decide to design a unique framework.

The PriceListo plugin is perfect if you have a network implementation because it completely supports WordPress multisite.

Final Thoughts

WordPress makes it simple to establish a web presence for your eatery. You can make a customized menu to highlight your food and drink products to draw clients and possibly even make some online sales with the right theme and any of the aforementioned plugins from Top 8 Restaurant Menu WordPress Plugins of 2023.

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