7 Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins for 2023

If you are a realtor who wishes to guarantee the success of your company, you must create a real estate website. Make certain that your website is not only aesthetically attractive, but also powerful, user-friendly, and extremely useful! There are numerous WordPress real estate apps available to assist you with the job.

This piece of article will guide you about the Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins for 2023 on the market.

Why Should Use Real Estate Plugins for WordPress?

To build a real estate website, you should first select a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress. Unfortunately, the basic WordPress functions may not be sufficient to start a profitable real estate company.

WordPress plugins are required to add unique functions and extra features to your real estate website.

Some plugins are free, while others require a yearly or regular subscription.

Every component is created with a particular goal in mind. Some are intended to combat abuse, while others are intended to improve your WordPress Rankings.

So, if you want to create a fantastic real estate website, using plugins made especially for this purpose is the best option.

Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins for 2023

Using the most suitable WordPress plugin can be the differentiating element that gives glory to your real estate company.

In this article, we will discuss the best eight WordPress real estate apps that will have a significant effect on your company.

Please keep in mind that not all of those apps are free. Nonetheless, they are still worthwhile to purchase.

IMPress Listings

impress-listing best wordpress real estate plugins


IMPress Listing is a real estate plugin that includes a user-friendly property control system. The application can assist you in integrating MLS while also giving status indicators for all of your entries, including a map, location, nation, price, and many more.

This WordPress real estate component also has some interesting features, such as automated map insertion.

All you have to do is embed the property coordinates, and the system will show the image immediately. This technique will accelerate the property data entry procedure while decreasing site loading speed.

The greatest part is that impress Listing is a completely free open-source component. You don’t have to pay anything to use it!

Essential Real Estate

essential-real-estate best wordpress real estate plugins


With the Essential Real Estate component, creating a WordPress real estate website has never been simpler. To assist you in developing your company, this tool offers a number of themes and features that also support worldwide payment methods such as Paypal, Wire Transfer, and Stripe.

This WordPress real estate plugin includes everything you need, including numerous advertising choices, social login, automated geolocation query, and an invoice organizer.

Furthermore, it enables the cutting-edge interactive video property tour.

The Crucial Real Estate Module is entirely free! You can use all of its functions without paying extra costs for add-ons.

Easy Property Listings

easy-property-listing best wordpress real estate plugins


Easy Property Listing is a must-have app for those who depend on quickness in the real estate industry. This utility provides a mobile-friendly property directory, a multilingual system, and over 100 free WordPress themes!

The summary is presented in grid style. As a result, the website will be more responsive to viewers.

It also has extensible code and pre-configured themes to assist novices in customizing the functions without having to worry about changing CSS, coding, and so on.

Furthermore, Simple Property Listing provides a plethora of expensive add-ons ranging in price from $20 to $100. You can also get a variety of paid add-ons in one bundle by purchasing the Core Extension Bundle for $297.

WPL Real Estate

wpl-real-estate best wordpress real estate plugins


WPL (WordPress Property Listing) Real Estate is a powerful WordPress component that includes a number of attractive templates and add-ons.

The real estate plugin includes an automated advertising function as well as organic, SEO-friendly MLS connection.

WPL Real Estate enables you to change all entries without having to alter the database. It also works with some of the most famous WordPress real estate templates, including Avada and X Theme.

This WordPress real estate plugin also includes an expansion bundle with numerous helpful features, including automatic WordPress integration with MLS/IDX/RETS/XML/VOW, an automated translation tool, and cloud web hosting.

The package costs $199 for a one-time fee that includes a lifelong registration.


WPCasa best wordpress real estate plugins


WPCasa is a perceptive WordPress real estate tool that can assist you in creating an attractive and fully functional website with minimal effort. It includes a free custom engine that enables you to make it look as crazy as you want.

This plugin also includes a premium theme bundle intended particularly for developing real estate companies, including WPCasa London, WPCasa Sylt, and WPCasa Elviria.

It costs $55 or $78, with the latter offering a superior collection of add-ons such as WPCasa Listing Stickers and WPCasa Currency Converter.

Free theme updates and paid assistance for a full year are already included in the premium bundle.


estatik best wordpress real estate plugins


This plugin combines a highly responsive feature with a minimalist style. It supports a wide range of WordPress features, including slideshow widgets, picture albums, and automated Google map integration.

Estatik also includes a Fields Builder tool that enables you to create custom fields fast and simply. The number of custom fields you can make is unlimited.

Furthermore, this WordPress real estate plugin offers a premium bundle for $89 for a lifelong registration. You’ll also get free upgrades and download access, as well as professional assistance for a full year.

WP Amortization Calculator

WP-amortization-calculator best wordpress real esate plugins


This special real estate plugin will assist you in creating a bespoke mortgage estimator or an amortized loan.

You can use your own CSS to change the preset layout in WP Amortization Calculator. All common WordPress templates are supported by the plugin.

It also includes a graphic composer interface. You can simply drag and place visual composer components into the module, and they will be handled instantly.

The annual fee of this component is $21.

Final Thoughts

Making a real estate website is identical to making any other type of website. You can select your chosen site hosting provider, select a domain name, purchase a suitable theme, and install the best WordPress real estate plugins. As WpOPAL team, we are so happy to help you narrow your choice down!

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