11 eCommerce Trends Worth to Try Out in 2020

One of the positive developments that have taken place over the last couple of years is the overwhelming development of eCommerce. All over the globe, people have embraced the changes brought about by eCommerce, particularly in regards to shopping for both essential and nonessential products.

Owners and managers of eCommerce sites have had to learn and experiment with different ideas from time to time. Whereas some of the techniques used to ensure success for eCommerce sites have worked, others are still in developmental stages and there is still so much to learn. As we delve deeper into 2020, we look at some eCommerce trends that are worth trying out going forward.

1. Voice Search Prioritized in Ecommerce Trends

There is already an increase in the use of voice-based services across the internet. Voice search has grown so much that it is now part of major SEO changes. It is estimated that up to 50% of all search queries will be voice-based by the end of 2020.

 Over the last couple of years brands have attempted to streamline their searches for voice search, while search engines search as Google has significantly improved their tools to make it easier.

As the number of eCommerce users grows in 2020, voice search will play a key role in enhancing this growth. 

2. Social Media Continues to Play a Key Part

Social media platforms are no longer for fun and socializing but have now become a major player in the transformation of eCommerce. Ecommerce sites have taken advantage of these changes to allow consumers to shop straight from social media platforms. A good example is Instagram’s Shoppable Posts. By just clicking on the photo, users can purchase the products without any constrains. In a major way, this will have an impact on impulse buying and help to improve revenue for eCommerce sites.

The other attribute of eCommerce that is changing their earning matrix is their ability to deliver great visual content. Users on the other hand respond to marketing campaigns by liking, sharing, retweeting, and of course real purchases. 

3. AR and VR Become Even More Utilized

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have continued to shape various aspects of life. Going forward, eCommerce platforms that will allow users to see and experience the products before purchasing will certainly score highly.

For instance, if a customer is purchasing furniture or other finishing for their house, they can see how they would look once fitted in their house. This experience is certainly a great development that eCommerce sites must take advantage of.

4. Quick Deliveries Take Precedence

Shoppers want their products delivered fast and conveniently preferably at their doorsteps. According to Joel House search media, eCommerce websites that can deliver products with as much ease to their customers are highly respected.

To achieve this end, websites are working with delivery partners and vendor agents who help them to achieve quick and convenient deliveries.

The same day and one-day deliveries are must now be among important strategies for the eCommerce site going forward.

5. Real-Time Communication over Websites

For any business to thrive, two-way communication must be prioritized. It is in response to this that various websites developed AI-powered chatbots to handle queries.

Customers are now enticed by platforms where they can have real-time conversations regarding products, choices, and even delivery. This will considerably distinguish and determine how a website performs in the future. 

6. Video Explanations for Products

One of the reasons why video has become so popular is that brands are able to add emotions to products. Video explanations make the conversation more believable, give it a human touch, and help the consumer to evaluate the products all round following the details provided.

The video further helps to lay emphasis and expound on important details while giving the conversation a human approach. This is better than written product descriptions displayed on a website. 

7. Use of influencers to push brand visibility

The use of influencers is mainly an aspect that gives product authenticity. In other words, consumers are easily convinced by members of the society that they regard highly. Celebrities in the entertainment circle have for a long time been used to push brand stories and this will grow exponentially as eCommerce shopping becomes a way of life. An increase in SEO searches and around the globe can give a clear indication of this trend.

8. Personalized Shopping Experiences

One of the advantages of eCommerce sites is the convenience that allows shoppers to do business at their own time anywhere around the globe. Ecommerce websites are improving this experience by personalizing communication, messaging, and delivery systems to their clients. This is a winning strategy that any eCommerce marketer should and must give thought to.

9. Mobile Devices Play a Key Role

Mobile devices are now the central channels of interaction and eCommerce sites are taking advantage of this for the ease of doing business. With a large population of the globe now well covered by smartphone penetration, it is only natural that mobile devices become a key part of eCommerce growth. It’s time to ensure that websites are customized and well-aligned for quick and easy eCommerce response.

10. Outstanding Customer Experience

Top on the list in determining the success of eCommerce websites is customer experience. Among issues that customers look for include: availability of specific products, quick response to queries, customer support as well as a friendly return policy.

Customer experience must include smooth transactions and the ability to evaluate products before purchasing. Consumers are also enticed by a highly knowledgeable support team that is able to answer queries and solve customer issues with speed. Such kind of services will set apart eCommerce websites.

11. Simplified Shopping processes 

Ecommerce website managers need to ensure that customers can navigate their websites in the most simplified manner. The entire process from searching for products, selecting and payment must be made hustle free as part of enhancing customer experience. 

At the same time, websites that give their customers favorable options in terms of payment are also well suited for business. E-commerce sites that are able to synchronize payment methods such as mobile transfer, credit cards as well as cash on delivery become more enticing and are well placed for future business.


In a major way, time is ripe for eCommerce websites to make a big break. However, there is a lot of ground to be covered by website owners in order to make them profitable. Times are changing drastically and business managers must take advantage of the situation to make good business in this period.

One important approach is to highly valuable stock products, are on-demand and adequately cater to customer needs. Managers must also continue to evaluate their systems from time to time and implement strategies that work at different times.

Author: Joel House is a founder of Joel House Search Media which provides Sydney SEO Services. His Passion towards Organic SEO and Adwords Management makes him more special. He ensures one thing above all is to keep quality. It will ensure that the client gets the best ROI and SEO.