How to install Opal Estate Pro Plugin

The first one I would like to give a thanks to users who trust us to use the Opal Estate Pro plugin. The plugin covers a number of powerful features to help you manage your properties effectively and clients can search their favorited house in some seconds.

The template using Opal Estate Pro plugin:

Don’t worry if you meet difficulties to set up the plugin. In this article, I will guide you on how to install Opal Estate Pro plugin. No waiting anymore, let’s follow carefully my steps right now.

Step 1:

Let’s install xampp & WordPress, then you can install the plugin for your website

Step 2:

Open dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New
After you install the plugin, let’s go to the dashboard and look down the category ” plugins”, then select ” add new”.

how to install opal estate pro

Step 3:

Search Opal Estate Pro plugin and install it.

how to install opal estate pro

Step 4:

If real estate pro plugin is not available in search, you can upload the plugin to site then install.

By visit this site address

Download the plugin. It is 100% free for you.

how to install opal estate pro

Step 5:

Go to “Plugin” -> “Add New” to upload the plugin you just downloaded. Choose “Upload Plugin” and choose the file, then click “Install Now”. After that, let’s activate the plugin for your site.

how to install opal estate pro
how to install opal estate pro

Step 6:

Finally, have a look at the dashboard, there are 3 categories Agents, Agencies, Properties appeared after you set up the plugin. Now you can add things you want.

how to install opal estate pro

Moreover, you can watch the video below to understand it clearly. Don’t forget to subscribe our channel for more interesting videos

Video guide:

Hopefully, the guide will be useful for you to install and set up the Opal Estate Pro plugin with ease. Contact us if you need more information by leaving comments below, or send a message via our Facebook page, or email


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