How to set up Request Quote in Jets WordPress Theme

Hey guys,
Jet is a Creative, Modern and Elegant WordPress Theme for Home Moving, Company Moving, local delivery services. It offers comprehensive home and business relocation and packing services. You can move apartments, condominiums, homes, businesses, and everything in between – from very small to very large. The theme is well designed and clean coded that provide you all essential functionality for your online business.
The theme is well designed and eye-catching by 4 specific homepages layouts and so many beautiful sliders arranged well – structured and clean & clear. Customers will be impressive at the first time by the convenience and ease to use the services it provides. Especially This theme is supported powerfully by the plugins create success of the website such as “Opal Requestquote” that helps customers to put online home moving services easily and exactly and Opal Services that help admin to introduce Services in their websites.
However in recent time, there are some our clients meeting problems in the process of setting up & configing Request Quote. So today we Opal WordPress would like to spend a little time guiding you How to set up Request Quote in Jets WordPress Theme. Hoping via some detailed instructions, you can understand more about it and use better in the future.
Please take time and follow our steps below:

#Step 1: From Dashboard -> RequestQuote

This field has 2 items

  • RequestQuote: List requests of the clients on your website
  • Type: Kind of services the company supply
  • Settings: Set up and config some items inside

#Step 2: Set up Types

  • Start filling in the blanks: Enter your type title in the upper field, and enter your type body content in the main types editing box below it.
  • Types Management set up type in there with title, content and value.
  • When your type is ready, click Publish


#Step 3: Setting

In General tab, you will see Option settings.

In RequestQoute Email tab, enter all options for email.

In RequestQoute Status tab, choose color all options for status.

#Step 4: RequestQoute

You will see all requests in there, you click to edit and change status in there to confirm or pending, closed request.

To Create a request, please go to front-end and you will the form to create.

Please input all information in form and click button Show My Qoute and then waiting for admin to check.
Hoping via this guide, you can know more and can set up and config it well. Besides we are in the process of updating some new features for our plugin. Will update you asap
Thanks a lot!

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