A to Z Tutorial: How to use One Click Demo Import in WordPress

If you get interested in WordPress theme features, you must know One Click Demo Import – one of the most popular & useful plugins. If you are a theme author, you will want to allow your users to setup their theme fast & easily. This powerful tool will support to import demo content, widgets and theme settings with just 1 click. Comprehending its important function, WpOpal would like to introduce A to Z Tutorial: How to use One Click Demo Import in WordPress. 1-click installation benefits theme authors & users and make everything fast & convenient.
How to install One Click Demo Import WP Plugin

How To Use One Click Demo Import WP Plugin

Before using one click import, you need to download the theme package and install the theme. Then, you should install plugins in WordPress theme.
Now let’s start with One Click Demo Import!
Step 1: Login your WordPress Dashboard
Step 2: Go to ”Opal Theme -> ”Import Demos
Import demos
Step 3: Click on the button ”Import Demo Data” and wait for importing.
Import demo data
Then, all premade homepage demos of the theme you installed before will be displayed. What you need to do now is choosing one demo you like and want to import. Click on ”Setup” button to replicate that demo.
Set up demo
Wait until you get an notification of complete importing. Now, you can check your website.
Set up successfully
Step 4: Move your mouse to ”One Click” and select ”Open Link in New Tab” to check the result.
Check result of one click installation
Congrats! You’ve installed that demo successfully. Now you can enjoy your homepage with the theme setting, content and widgets are replicated with one click only.
If you want to import other demos, you can come back the dashboard and choose ”Setup” button under that demo.

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One Click Demo Installation is necessary for any user-friendly WordPress theme to enable theme users replicate sample data in no time. Therefore, this guide: How to use One Click Demo Import in WordPress will be useful for both theme authors & theme users. Save you lots of time & effort!
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