6 Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks to Your WordPress Site

Any webmaster is well aware that the ranking of the site in a search engine depends on the links profile. So today we will talk about such an important aspect of site promotion, like backlinks. 

The greatest value has natural backlinks, inserted by users in their blogs and social pages. But their growth is so slow that sometimes it negates all efforts to promote the project.

Of course, it is quite tempting to hire a “black” SEO agency to create backlinks for the site, but it is not only risky enough but may not bring the long-awaited results.

SEO tactics of such agencies link your site to many spams or completely inactive websites. The problem is that linking to such sites can significantly damage your site’s ranking, as it is an attempt to trick search algorithms.

Even if for a short time such “black methods” will help the site to get ahead, after some time it will not only significantly lose positions but will be completely blocked by search robots. This will cause serious damage to any business.

How to form a link profile of the site: basic methods

When creating a link profile, only indexed pages are considered. A distinction is made between partner links, article links, forums links, and social network links. All of them can be natural and purchased.

Each method of link building has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some methods are strictly commercial in nature, others are based on partnership relations. It cannot be said that one of them is more preferable. It is reasonable to combine different strategies in link building.

Partnership links

One of the main ways to get backlinks is a partnership exchange of the links. Initially, it was used as a means of informing users about interesting thematic resources, sites, partners. Then the exchange became a full-fledged tool for promotion. It is a mutual publication of links, based on personal agreements or implemented through special exchange systems. 

Advantages of this method:

  • Exchange is voluntary and does not require financial investments.
  • Links are placed in separate sections (“Partners”, “Friends”), do not spoil the appearance of web pages and do not prevent visitors from perceiving basic information
  • Placement of the links is not limited in time, which gives the recommendations greater value


  • A large number of external links on the partner site significantly reduces the benefits of the exchange (often on such resources are placed dozens of links)
  • Newly launched sites are difficult to find partners, as they agree to exchange only when there is mutual benefit
  • Partnerships are practiced by a few sites
  • The integrity of partners is difficult to monitor

Links from catalogs

A simple and inexpensive way to build a profile is to use catalogs. For relatively little money, it allows you to quickly get a lot of links. You can place links yourself or use the services of companies that offer automatic registration in hundreds of different thematic or multi-profile catalogs.

On the benefits of the way, there are disputes between optimizers and webmasters. The main claim is that such sites are very spammed, which search engines do not like. Links registration in them turns out to be a waste of time and money. But for the promotion of young sites method is used quite often.

Advantages of the method:

  • Completely free or very cheap way to get links
  • Obtaining a large number of external links in the shortest possible time


  • In most catalogs the quantity is put above quality, links do not surround the thematic text, inserting in random order. This minimizes their value
  • Unmoderated links cause obvious suspicions in search engines. In case of an excessive number of such links to the resource are imposed sanctions

Mentioning in articles

The most qualitative links are recommendations in thematic articles with relevant anchors on trust resources. If the materials on the site are really useful and interesting, other sites refer to it in their publications without the recipient’s active intervention. This accumulation of links is called natural link building, to which every authoritative site aspires. Therefore, a mandatory part of the link building system is a valuable author’s content, which simplifies obtaining links.

Rules for creation successful texts that will be actively shared:

  • An introduction that motivates further reading
  • Easy to understand, short sentences
  • Paragraphs with no more than 5 sentences
  • Lack of complex terminology
  • Structure with a clear sequence
  • Useful conclusions and recommendations at the end

The advantages of such profile development:

  • High weight and value of links
  • Reliability, such links guarantee an effective promotion
  • Users confidence


  • It takes a lot of time and effort to create high-quality content
  • Do not give fast results and does not cause an instant increase in link weight

Links on social networks

Links in social networks are considered the most natural but participate in the ranking conditionally. Links left on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are closed and not indexed by search engines. Their meaning is to attract real visitors, not promotion on search engines.


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Attract organic traffic, potential buyers interested in the offer
  • Build a sustainable audience


  • No impact on page ranking

Links from forums

Leaving recommendations on similar forums or any other thematic resources with the possibility of commenting is a great way of developing a link profile. Forums should be trusted and not too much spammed. Links are posted in the profile, messages, comments or reviews on the service/product/brand. They are called crowd-links.

Advantages of this method:

  • Getting the most natural links
  • Make SEO optimization more effective
  • Quick attraction of additional traffic
  • No financial costs if you place it yourself


  • Unstable traffic. 
  • Forum moderators can remove your links 
  • Labor-intensive process, the complexity of the process 
  • High costs when ordering services from specialized companies, freelancers and exchanges

Purchased links

The purchased links method is used by most optimizers. Its mechanism is simple: the webmaster invests in the promoted site, paying for the placement of links on other sites in articles or special advertising blocks. You can buy links at Linksmanagement.com – safe link building service with links from authoritative donors. 

The purchase of links is usually carried out with the participation of an intermediary exchange, which sets its own security standards and sets specific requirements to donors. The cost of placement depends on the indicators of the donor site, the quality of the link, the volume, and relevance of the text.

There are two types of purchased backlinks:

  • Rentals. Are added inside a ready existing page. The solution is economical, but in the long term, the performance of the site depends on the constancy of financial investments.
  • Forever. Links are created simultaneously with the page or placed in the site template. Paid once, installed forever. The exchange controls the reliability of the donor; in case of removal, the money is returned to the customer. This is a reliable, safe, but expensive method of promotion.

Advantages of the method:

  • Faster results compared to the “natural” way 
  • Increased attendance, excellent traffic to your site 


  • An unstable effect due to constantly changing search algorithms  
  • Paid links do not have a long-term effect. To maintain stable results, additional funds will have to be invested continuously.


The formation of the link profile belongs to one of the most resource-intensive processes within search engine optimization. However, you can avoid significant financial costs by using free backlink sources.

Writer Bio: Marie Barnes is a writer for Bestforacar. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, wok, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs. She shares her insights through blogging.