Why Do Almost Your Business Websites Fail

The Internet is a huge network of people, businesses, information, and services striving to attract the most visits to their respective websites. However, building a successful website is not easy. You need to spend time researching market, appreciate essential factors and analyze its efficiency. Don’t hurry up launching a website without thinking over. Because in fact, not all people setting up an online business are successful. They come up with many difficulties and challenges even failure to reach these achievements. Therefore, starting a website doesn’t avoid risks but you have to learn Acceptance and always remember that failure is the mother of success. We regard it as an live experience and make great effort for the next project. Even many people sometimes don’t know the reason why their website failed although they try their best. To know where your website stands and Why Do Almost Your Business Websites Fail make sure you’re not making any of these website mistakes below.

#1. Your website lacks rich contents

If your website is a business one, content plays an important role. Some people say that “Content is King” and this is definitely true for online businesses. Indeed,  Any customers when visiting your website, the first thing they care is that this website has full of essential information or not. If they are contented with their search, surely they will purchase your products or services. Therefore, you should spend much time building a rich content for your website, which is very easy to perform. For example, you should complete full of necessary information such as About us, Contact us, Description, Address..Even more, if you prepare a potential content for your website this will be your platform to advance SEO, become a thought leader and add substance to your social media presence.

why content is king in seo

#2. Website Design is poorly attractive

Before setting up a business website, you don’t spend time investing on Website Design, the chance to compete with other beautiful & attractive websites in the market is not much. The poorly attractive websites are not often paid attention by everyone because of unclean structure, unsuitable images and colors, poor contents.., which will make readers annoyed when they visit your site at the first time and surely they won’t come back on the second time. This will affect so much to your reputation and brand. Therefore, before lose gold chance in business please apply modern designs into building website so that you will make an impression on watchers at the first sight.

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#3. You don’t optimize your website

If you are not using content optimization tools such as scribe content, to optimize your webpages to be the most effective with the search engines your website will not rank very high. Optimizing your content will increase on-site SEO and be in a format that search engines love. 75% of Internet users do not click past the first page of search results—and without a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, you’ll never get there. Google’s algorithm is smarter than that now. Today, an effective SEO strategy is a complex, ongoing process, structured around quality. You need careful keyword research, detailed linking and tagging strategies, focused social media approaches, well-executed conversion stratagems and dedicated distribution methods.

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#4. Your social media strategy is not clear

You do not regularly post links to your website articles or blog posts on social media websites such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google plus, or LinkedIn. They are good tools helping new customers to find your website and motivate them to make a purchase. If you think that you can get by without being active on any of the above-mentioned social media websites in this day and age then you have another thing coming. These days everyone is using some sort of social network as a daily communication tool and even the search engines are using social media networks to give authority to websites that have social proof. Social proof is determined how many times you were content has been shared across various social networks and how many back links the social media websites have that link to your website.

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#5. The website loading speed is too slow

If your website has too slow loading speed, surely that visitors will not hesitate to log out it and come to another. Why? Simple our customers have many options, they don’t have enough patience to wait max 5 -10 second to see a website. So you should check website loading carefully to not miss potential customers in business.

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#6. Your service is too poor

Excellent customer service is imperative in order for a business to succeed. Any business that treats its customers badly will find that it is almost impossible to overcome the reputation they will gain. Treat your first interaction with a customer as the beginning of a long relationship. Follow up with customers after transactions to ensure that they are pleased with their purchase. Also, send special offers to for new products you are introducing. Stay in touch with your customers and involve them in online conversation via social media or email marketing to make them more likely to be a repeat customer AND also send you referrals. For example, you are a customer and their product or service didn’t work well, you call service office or send email, but they don’t reply or send feedback. How do you feel? Surely you will never come back this store.

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#7. You can’t update your website

No customers want to visit a website its information is out of date especially statics, data, date, month, year…For ecommerce website, it is necessary for you to update plugins and theme. CMS refers to a content management system, the tool used to make site updates, such as adding new pages. But not every CMS is accessible and easy to use—and we all know what that means: no one in your company knows how to access it, make updates or fix a dang thing. So, you’re either constantly calling in (and paying in) to your developer to do these should-be simple tasks, or you’ve given up altogether and your website’s content has become frozen in time, while your Google ranking plummets. The right CMS will be user-friendly and empower you, much like WordPress or Hubspot.
To sum up, taking your small business online is no easy feat but it is achievable. As long as you focus on what your business and consumers need, you are headed in the right direction. Hoping through our blog Why Do Almost Your Business Websites Fail you will answer your question yourself and even more you will have basic knowledge to set up a business website well without facing many regrettable problems like so. If you have any wonders or quick questions, please comment below or contact us via our support channels: Ticket Support System and [email protected], we will answer you right now. Remember to follow our social channels Facebook, TwitterLinkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to get it!
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