6 Best Event WordPress Plugins for 2023

Do you want to find the Best Event WordPress Plugins for your website?

Event modules are essential for all types of companies. They assist you in displaying event calendars, allowing users to Respond to events, selling seats, adding and managing locations, and much more.

We’ve hand-picked some of the finest WordPress event plugins for your website in this post.

Best Event WordPress Plugins for 2023

There are numerous WordPress event plugins available to meet a variety of requirements. Some users will require a plugin to handle large-scale concerts, whereas others will only require a plugin to manage a neighborhood writing workshop.

The purpose of using a WordPress event component is to make event management simpler.

The following are some of the most popular features to search for in an event plugin:

  • An event planner that is simple to create and administer
  • RSVP and registration mechanisms are built in.
  • Payment methods that are integrated for quick payouts
  • Stay in contact with your guests by sending out email notifications.

Overall, you should discover the best component for your small company website that is tailored to the kinds of events you will be hosting.

The Events Calendar

the-events-calendar best event wordpress plugins


The Events Calendar is a feature-rich event administration system that will assist you in managing almost every element of your activities.

The user-friendly interface makes it simple to enter all of your event information, including a distinct tab for venues and coordinators.

You can show your event schedule on the front end in a variety of ways, including by day, week, or month. You can even highlight events to boost interaction on the events that need the most attention.

You can also include filtering so that your users can locate the specific activities they’re searching for.

To expedite the event creation process, you can rapidly transfer data from other schedules. Users can subscribe to changes in iCal or Google Planner as well.

The Events Calendar has a lot of sophisticated features, but the price rapidly piles up because you’ll have to spend more for each extension and website you use it on.




WPForms is the finest WordPress form generator, with over 5 million websites using it. It includes an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form generator that allows you to quickly construct any type of form.

It contains a template collection with over 300+ premade designs to help you rapidly create forms such as event coordinator forms, vendor forms, RSVP forms, and more.

All of these elements can be modified using the drag-and-drop editor. You have complete control over the form sections, allowing you to gather all of the information you require from your guests.

You can even sell seats using an event registration form template, and you can take funds through Stripe or PayPal.

WPForms also works with leading email marketing platforms such as Constant Contact, Sendinblue, Drip, and others. This simplifies the process of sending texts to those who have RSVP’d or registered for an event.

Smash Balloon Facebook Feed Pro



Smash Balloon Facebook Stream Pro ranks among the finest WordPress Facebook plugins available.

It allows you to link your WordPress blog to Facebook with a single click. If you have a large Facebook group and frequently promote and plan events, this app will assist you in integrating them with your site.

Instead of using numerous plugins, simply make a Facebook event, and it will appear on your website.

Aside from event automation and administration, you can use the tool to show your Facebook stream, posts, and other content on your WordPress website. You have complete power over how it appears and what information is displayed.

Event Organizer



Event Organiser is a straightforward WordPress event plugin that simplifies the creation and management of gatherings.

Because this plugin makes use of custom post categories, adding a new event is as easy as composing a blog post. You can also set up recurring events, designate events to various locations, and do other things.

You can examine your activities in a list or calendar style within your WordPress dashboard.

It also comes with a few widgets for displaying an event calendar, event agendas, or the normal WordPress calendar with events inserted.

Formidable Forms



Formidable Forms is the market’s most sophisticated WordPress form generator. With the drag-and-drop builder, you can create almost any type of form.

Views is a special feature of the plugin that allows you to graphically show any form data you’ve gathered or entered yourself.

This simplifies the process of creating your own activities in your WordPress interface. You can also configure it to generate everything you need on the front end of your site instantly, such as event information and event calendars.

There’s also a template collection with over 175+ templates to help you rapidly build event registration forms. It contains online event registration forms, Response forms, and event coordinator forms, among other things.

Sugar Calendar



Sugar Calendar is one of the most effective WordPress calender plugins available. The app has a lot of features but is still very simple to use.

It’s also lightweight, so it won’t slow down or degrade the functionality of your website.

It has all of the necessary event administration features, such as recurring events, start and finish dates, single and multi-day events, event categories, and more.

There’s even a ticketing system built in, so you can offer passes via WooCommerce or Stripe.

All of your activities can be easily created and managed from the admin of your site using an intuitive editor. The event schedules displayed on the front end are compatible with your current WordPress layout.

Final Thoughts

We as WpOpal team hope this article helped you learn about some of the best event WordPress plugins you can use with your WordPress site.