10+ Free Google Tools Every WordPress Blogger Should Use

Looking for the finest free Google tools to help you develop your WordPress blog?

Google provides a plethora of free tools to assist bloggers and website proprietors in improving their SEO, increasing traffic, becoming more efficient, and more.

This post will showcase the top Free Google Tools Every WordPress Blogger Should Use.

Free Google Tools Every WordPress Blogger Should Use

Google Search Console



Google Search Console is a collection of tools designed to assist website proprietors in monitoring and maintaining their search engine visibility and rankings.

It allows you to see what terms people use to discover your site, notifies you of site errors that are holding your results back, and much more.

You can also upload an XML sitemap through Google Search Console to help search engines scan your website more effectively.

The All-in-One SEO extension is the simplest method to add Google Search Console to WordPress. It is the finest SEO plugin for WordPress, with over 2 million blogs using it.

Google Tag Manager



Google Tag Manager makes it simple to add and control code fragments, or “tags,” on your website. Analytics and marketing tools frequently use tags to add monitoring or other features to your site.

Adding tags to your WordPress site generally necessitates the use of bespoke code. These custom code fragments import an external script, and keeping track of them all is difficult.

This issue is addressed by Google Tag Manager, which allows you to handle all of your external codes from a single interface.

After adding one Google Tag Manager snippet to your site, you can control the remainder from a singular interface.

Google Analytics

Free Google Tools Every WordPress Blogger Should Use


The most complete analytics utility for WordPress blogs and websites is Google Analytics.

It shows you how your visitors discovered your website, what devices they used to access it, what sites they watched, and how they interacted with it.

This data allows you to better understand your target group and plan and implement an effective content strategy. You’ll be able to see which subjects and pages convert the best, allowing you to gradually enhance your website.

Monster Insights is the simplest method to integrate Google Analytics with WordPress. It is the finest analytics tool for WordPress, with over 3 million websites using it.

PageSpeed Insights



One of the most essential aspects of delivering a decent user experience and solid WordPress SEO is having a quick loading website.

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool for tracking website speed. It provides information on how your website performs on PC and mobile platforms.

The findings are divided into parts so you can see what’s slowing down your site. There are also tools and best practices to assist you in resolving any problems you may be experiencing.

Google Programmable Search



The default WordPress search function is quite limited and not particularly effective at locating pertinent material. As your website grows in popularity, you’ll need a method to assist visitors discover what they’re searching for.

Google Programmable Search makes it simple to add personalized search to your WordPress website.

You have total control over the material that is searched, and you can design the search function to blend in with the rest of your website.

We suggest using a WordPress search plugin like SearchWP for more sophisticated search with customization options, but Google Programmable Search can be an inexpensive choice to get started.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool



Many WordPress websites receive a significant amount of traffic from mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll produce a bad user experience and risk losing search engine results.

The Google Mobile-Friendly Test utility will inform you of how well your website is optimized for mobile online use. It will provide you with a comprehensive summary of any problems and what you can do to resolve them.

Using a responsive WordPress theme is the simplest method to guarantee your website is mobile-friendly. These themes will instantly adapt to the screen size of your visitors, ensuring that they appear great on mobile devices.

Think With Google Search


Consider this: Google Research is a fantastic market study instrument. This set of tools will assist you in understanding your market, identifying new trends, and growing your website or online shop.

The statistics and insights you can obtain based on the instruments you use.

For example, the Market Insights application can assist you in identifying new regional or worldwide marketplaces into which to grow.

Google My Business



Google My Business is a tool that allows you to add your local company information to Google so that it can show it in search results.

If you own a neighborhood company or offer services in your community, Google My Business is a must-have.

Displaying your company’s information in Google search results will increase the search exposure of your brand and bring you new clients and possible prospects.

You can combine this with AIOSEO’s Local SEO tools to improve your local company rankings in Google.

Google Optimize



Google Optimize is a tool that assists website proprietors in optimizing their webpages through the use of A/B split tests. This allows you to compare two variations of a website to see which transforms best.

You can, for example, perform a split test on two separate sales sites to see which one generates the most customers.

Split testing allows you to progressively improve pages on your site to achieve the greatest conversion rates imaginable.

The drag and drop tool make it simple to construct a split test. Google will display the variants to your visitors at random and collect data.

Google Adsense



Bloggers and website proprietors can simply monetize their webpages with Google Adsense display advertising. Adsense is one of the most well-established display advertising systems.

Once you’ve been accepted for the program, you can start earning money by adding display ads to your website.

We suggest using a WordPress ad management plugin to simply control and show your ads.

You can also mix Google Adsense money with other income-generating activities such as partner marketing and offering online classes.

Google Drive



Google Drive is an online storage service where you can keep all of your Google Docs, Google Sheets, and other data. The free edition allows you to share 15GB of data between your Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos accounts.

With a Google account, you can use the free cloud storage space to keep any item you want and sync it across multiple platforms.

If you need a secure location to keep your WordPress backups, this is a good choice.

Google Maps



Google Maps provides an excellent method for embedding live maps into your WordPress website. Including a map on your website allows users to see where you are truly situated.

This is an essential element for small companies such as restaurants and cafes.

If you’re a travel writer, you can use Google Maps to create and incorporate a dynamic map of all the locations you’ve visited.

Google Trends



Google Trends provides a bird’s-eye perspective of what’s hot in the world of search. You can look for keywords linked to your niche or peruse the most recent curated info.

This utility can be used in conjunction with other study tools such as the Google Ads Keyword Planner. When you input a keyword, you can see if its prevalence is increasing or decreasing.

These insights can help you decide on new areas to enter or article subjects to write about.

Final Thoughts

We as WpOpal team aspire that this article helped you find some new free Google tools that every WordPress blogger should use.