Top 8 Best WordPress Plugins Using AI and Machine Learning

Do you want to incorporate AI and machine learning into your WordPress site?

Many WordPress apps use artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide better features. It’s possible that you’re already using one of these apps on your site.

We will discuss some of the Top 8 Best WordPress Plugins Using AI and Machine Learning in this post.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

If you read the news, you’ve probably heard the terms artificial intelligence or machine learning referenced.

AI and machine learning are computer technologies that provide smarter answers in computer devices, applications, GPS devices, smart Televisions, home assistance devices, and other areas.

Artificial intelligence allows computer algorithms to make decisions without the use of human intellect.

Machine learning enables software to enhance artificial intelligence and make better decisions by learning from experiences, data, and user behavior.

These technologies enable developers to automate duties that would otherwise necessitate human intellect.

Most contemporary mobile phones and smart devices, for example, use speech recognition, search patterns, translations, picture recognition, and other technologies.

Main Differences Between AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is capable of making choices using preprogrammed knowledge.

Machine learning improves artificial intelligence by self-learning through human action and data collection. This improves artificial intelligence’s intelligence and enables it to make more precise choices.

Top 8 Best WordPress Plugins Using AI and Machine Learning

It can provide your customers with a smarter and much superior user experience.

It can, for example, enhance WordPress search, grammar and style checking, display linked content, increase conversions, and raise eCommerce sales, among other things.

For your customers, your website becomes smarter, quicker, and more customized. This saves you time, which enables you to focus on other aspects of your business’s growth.

Having said that, let’s look at some WordPress apps that use AI and machine learning.


grammarly best wordpress plugins using AI and machine learning


One of the most famous WordPress apps is Grammarly. It is a grammar-checking application driven by artificial intelligence that examines the readability of your written work to assist you write better.

It serves the English dialects of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. As an option to the JetPack module, it is also accessible as a Google Chrome addon.


akismet best wordpress plugins using AI and machine learning


Akismet is one of only two apps that come standard with every WordPress installation. It detects fake remarks using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Akismet, which is used by millions of websites, has improved over time to identify almost all spam posted by bots. It can also identify spam comments made directly by real human users by gaining from their errors and detecting patterns across millions of websites.


chatbot best wordpress plugins using AI and machine learning


ChatBot offers a virtual conversation agent driven by AI for your website. Machine learning is used to enhance the live chat experience and deliver more accurate replies.

You must create a free account on the plugin’s website. After that, it will begin to learn as you use it. You can also teach it what to say and how to react to questions from users. This can help you retain people on your website and generate more leads.

Google Language Translator

gltranslator best wordpress plugins using AI and machine learning


Google Language Translator allows your users to quickly transform the text of your website without the need for an international WordPress site. It adds Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning translation engine to your WordPress website.

You can easily choose which languages to show on your website. The converter can then be added to your website via the sidebar gadget or short code.


imageseo best wordpress plugins using AI and machine learning


ImageSEO is indeed a free image optimization tool for WordPress. It optimizes the alt text and caption of your pictures using artificial intelligence to increase inbound traffic.

The app also creates Twitter, Facebook, and channel social cards. After enabling the plugin, you can submit pictures to your WordPress website, and ImageSEO will instantly write the image’s name, caption, and tag. It functions flawlessly with both single and bulk picture uploads.


wordlift best wordpress plugins using AI and machine learning


WordLift’s web-based service is integrated into your WordPress website via the WordLift application. With the aid of its knowledge graph, it provides SEO tips to better your writing.

It examines your content to provide facts, numbers, and media to help match and create relevant connections between your pieces, resulting in better content suggestions. It creates a knowledge graph for your website that grows smarter as you contribute more information.


websitevoice best wordpress plugins using AI and learning machine


WebsiteVoice is indeed a free WordPress tool that transforms text to high-quality audio. This improves user interaction and frees up time for users to listen to your articles while doing other regular tasks.

To enable text-to-speech on your site, you’ll require their website code. These tokens are originally free, but you must switch to a premium plan in order to continue using their service.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

quttera best wordpress plugins using ai and machine learning


You can use Quttera Web Malware Scanner to check your WordPress site for adware and harmful code. This is especially helpful if you think your WordPress site has been hacked or has been blacklisted by search engines.

The plugin employs ai algorithms to learn from false findings and enhances scan results over time. While it can assist in scanning an infected website, it cannot prevent your website from being impacted.

Final Thoughts

We as Wpopal team aspire this post has informed you something new about Best WordPress plugins using AI and machine learning. You might also be interested in our guidance on how to enhance the speed and performance of your WordPress website.