How to Update WordPress Website Manually | Update WordPress Themes & Plugins

Building a WordPress website is a one-time event, but managing it is a continuous procedure. Making sure your website is operating the most recent version of WordPress is an important maintenance job.

In this blog, I will show the detail ways to update WordPress website. All steps are practicing on Freshio WordPress Theme (Provided by Pavothemes)

Why Update WordPress Website

Every aspect of your WordPress website should be kept up to date, from plugins to templates to the main software. Updating your essential files, in particular, can help improve the usefulness, speed, interoperability, and, most importantly, security of your website.

WordPress issues significant version updates, as well as maintenance and security updates, on a regular basis. Each of these versions may include enhancements, bug patches, and fixes for more serious security flaws. WordPress version 5.8.1, for instance, included patches for three significant vulnerabilities, along with a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the Gutenberg block editor. If you do not upgrade your essential software, you are making your site vulnerable to both known and unknown threats.

How to Build & Launch WordPress Website

  • Backup your website first
    Check current WordPress Plugins and Theme
  • Download WordPress Theme Update on Envato
  • Update WordPress Plugins
  • Update WordPress Theme

How to Update WordPress Theme

WordPress provides one-click changes in the admin interface. This is the simplest technique for updating your core program. The procedures are detailed below. We used Freshio WordPress theme – One of the best Food WordPress Theme – Developed by Pavothemes.

freshio update wordpress website


Check the version of WordPress Theme

Appearance > Theme > Theme Detail

check version wordpress website

check version wordpress theme freshio

Download Latest version of WordPress Theme

Login Envao Account > Download Freshio WordPress Theme

download the latest version wordpress theme freshio

2.2 Update WordPress Plugins

Update WordPress

At your dashboard, if you see this notification, you can click at “Please update now” to get all latest version.


update wordpress in the latest version

Check all update for notifications:

check notification for WordPress update

Install Update Plugin

Appearance > Plugins > Add plugin

Search Update theme & plugins. Then choose Easy Themes & Plugins Upgrade

install easy theme & plugin upgrade wordpress plugin

Then Install & Activate

Update Theme 

Unzip theme file download (that has done at step 1)

Open Appearance > Themes > Add Theme > Upload Theme

add new wordpress theme version freshio

After uploading, file theme will be replaced automatically with old file.

When the process is done. You can check at your theme dashboard and see the latest version is updated. It’s the time to update successfully.

No more notification for update. When your site is updated, you can get all latest features of plugins, theme, and WordPress.

Final Thoughts

No matter how you decide to conduct software upgrades, it’s essential you remain vigilant that your site is running the newest version of WordPress. It will help to ensure that your site stays safe and that you continue to provide the best user experience possible.

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