How to Write SEO Friendly Articles in Blog Post

As we know, now there are so many good ways to push sales for the business such as Hiring Ads, Facebook Ads, Run Promotions…However, nobody can deny that one of the best ways to keep traffic/visits to your website is SEO Optimized Articles. In the long run, only Search Engines can help you to get many traffics from old posts. Therefore, in this article, with our fact experiences and searches WPOpal will share you some gold tips How to Write SEO Friendly Articles in Blog Post. We believe that after reading this article, surely you will widen so many interesting things and valuable experiences to improve your writing skills. You will publish a lot of well qualified articles as dream only need to take note some simple tips below. Let’s try!

#1. Choose the best subject

This tip will depend on kinds of products you are doing business. For example, our main products are designing and developing WordPress Themes. We will focus on choosing the subjects relating like Best Selling Premium WordPress Themes on Themeforest 2017, Top Free WordPress Themes in June 2017 or 15+ Best Education System WordPress Themes 2017…Therefore, doing research and choosing a suitable topic with the trend, the market are very important. You can find learn this from the articles of your competitors Or you can use Google Analytics. This first tip will distribute to the process of pushing SEO for your articles.

#2. Post title and Meta Title


First, you need to understand the difference between post title and meta title.

  • Post title: How your reader sees the title of the post on your website.
  • Post meta title: How search engines show your post in search results.

If you have not specified a meta title in your SEO settings, your post title will be treated as the meta title.

  • Mention target keyword in the title
  • Google displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag, or as many characters as will fit into a 512 pixel display.
  • Wrap your title in an H1 Tag

#3. Post Meta Description

Indeed, Meta descriptions are very important. With each article you write, you need to take note to complete well Meta Description. You can choose the gold words (including some key words) to put in meta description so that Google can index your article quicker. In this part, it also limits the numbers of characters, so you are careful to choose the best words.


#4. Prepare quality content

Everyone said that Content is King. It is regard as the main part of the whole of the article. You need to spend the most time doing research and filtering information. The blog has which big parts, how contents, paragraphs..Then with each title of a paragraph should be H3 Tag and highlight the key words in the article and attach important links relating to your brand or portfolio.
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#5. Use Visual Media and Optimized Image Alt

Besides the qualified contents, You need to use images, pictures, video, gif in your article. This will reduce bounce rate and increase time on site, help you boost those user-interaction signals that Google has been paying more attention to. You can attach links into the images you inserted. When reader visit your article, if they like they can click and see more. Remember to optimize image file name and alt tags. You should use proper images names, avoid the mistake of uploading images with names likes image001.jpg, image02.jpg,….
For example: You want to upload the image describing the words Fullhouse Real Estate WordPress Theme you should name the image “Fullhouse” or “Fullhouse WordPress Theme”

#6. Interlink and Anchor Text

When writing a new post, it’s always a good idea to link back to old blog posts so that readers will stick around your site for longer and also so that search engines can re-crawl these old posts. This helps in better navigability of your site which reduces the bounce rate- another important SEO factor. When you interlink, you should use the anchor text technique. Simply put, when you link to a blog post, you see an option to add a link and a title.
Make sure to fill out the post title with the main keywords for the post that you are linking to.

#7. Improve Loading Speed

The final tip is Improve loading speed – this is very important. You can use CDN, premium hosting service and compressing image file size. Google has stated on record that page loading speed is an important SEO ranking signal. According to the statistic, about 75% of users wouldn’t revisit a site that took longer than 4 seconds to load.

In conclusion, this is some simple tips for you to learn How to Write SEO Friendly Articles in Blog Post. Let us know if you have any questions or if you have any other SEO writing suggestions. Share your thoughts in the comments section! Do you know someone who can benefit from the information in this post? Share it with them on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus!
Have a nice day!