The importance of Google Ranking Factors

Recently, according to a recent survey of Moz with top 128 SEO experts about the google ranking factors. The result of the survey shows the importance of google ranking factors such as the link quality, content quality, brand popularity…in the process of google ranking.
The experts also emphasizes on the importance of these factors discussed in detail below. They really affect strongly to increase keyword ranking.

1. The Factors related to the domain website:

  • Reputation of links (20.94%): The first factors relates to the website’s domain name. Specially, they are the number of links to domain, the reputation of the quality of the links, Page rank of domains.
  • The popularity of brand (8.59%): Occurrence Frequency of brand, trademarks or domain on the mass media.
  • Using keywords in domain (6.98%): Using exactly 100% or a part of keyword in domain.
  • The other factors related to domain (5.21%): The length of domain name, the domain extension, the time of HTTP feedback

2. Factors related to Page need SEO:

  • The linking quality (19.5%): Page Rank, Trust Rank, Quality of links, anchor text distribution, quality of link power.
  • The content quality (14.94%): Density of main & secondary keywords, content quality, relevance to the phrase focusing SEO.
  • The length of content, content easy to read, to understand, unique, the time of loading page is short (9.8%)

3. Other Factors:

  • User Experience, how users view and use content & traffic (8.06%), the number of traffic, CTR rate, Bounce Rate…
  • Social network signal (7.24%): Quantity and Quality of tweeted links, sharing Facebook, G+..

With the statistic of survey from SEO experts, you understand more about the importance of google ranking factors. In fact, in many important projects, the above factors become more impressed and practical.
In order that keywords have higher position, more sustainable there are many different factors. However, once you optimize the above ranking factors controlling higher position on SERPs is only a matter of time.
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