Welcome WordPress 4.9 "Tipton" Officially Released

Hey guys
Only some hours ago, the site WordPress.org officially informed that Welcome WordPress 4.9 “Tipton” Released after some 4 beta versions and 3 release candidate. Version 4.9 of WordPress, named “Tipton” in honor of jazz musician and band leader Billy Tipton, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. New features in 4.9 will smooth your design workflow and keep you safe from coding errors “Major Customizer Improvements, Code Error Checking, and More!Opal WordPress is one of the most popular WordPress Theme Providers take care this important event. We always follow each step development of WordPress version. Today we are so happy to write down some key features and outstanding changes in WordPress 4.9. Hoping you can spend a bit time checking and experiencing together with us!
Featuring design drafts, scheduling, and locking, along with preview links, the Customizer workflow improves collaboration for content creators. What’s more, code syntax highlighting and error checking will make for a clean and smooth site building experience. Finally, if all that wasn’t pretty great, we’ve got an awesome new Gallery widget and improvements to theme browsing and switching. In all WordPress 4.9 supports users better and give more options for us to customize theme ourselves.

#1. Customizer Workflow Improved

  • Draft and Schedule Site Design Customizations
  • Collaborate with Design Preview Links
  • Design Locking Guards Your Changes
  • A Prompt to Protect Your Work

#2. Coding Enhancements

The outstanding feature in Coding Enhancement is that Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking. You’ve got a display problem but can’t quite figure out exactly what went wrong in the CSS you lovingly wrote. With syntax highlighting and error checking for CSS editing and the Custom HTML widget introduced in WordPress 4.8.1, you’ll pinpoint coding errors quickly. Practically guaranteed to help you scan code more easily, and suss out & fix code errors quickly. CodeMirror: Syntax Highlighting, Linting, and Auto-completion

#3. Even More Widget Updates

  • The New Gallery Widget

An incremental improvement to the media changes hatched in WordPress 4.8, you can now add a gallery via this new widget.

  • Press a Button, Add Media

You can add media to your text widget, Embed images, video, and audio directly into the widget along with your text, with our simple but useful Add Media button.

#4. Site Building Improvements

  • More Reliable Theme Switching

When you switch themes, widgets sometimes think they can just move location. Improvements in WordPress 4.9 offer more persistent menu and widget placement when you decide it’s time for a new theme.

  • Find and Preview the Perfect Theme

Looking for a new theme for your site? Now, from within the Customizer, you can search, browse, and preview over 2600 themes before deploying changes to your site. What’s more, you can speed your search with filters for subject, features, and layout.

  • Better Menu Instructions = Less Confusion

Were you confused by the steps to create a new menu? Perhaps no longer! We’ve ironed out the UX for a smoother menu creation process.
In all, these are key features WordPress 4.9 improve. You can go to WordPress.org to download and update to your website.