What's new coming in WordPress 4.3 (Beta 1)

After the great release of WordPress 4.2 in April, we welcome the development of the next major WordPress 4.3 started in full swing and promise to be official released next month. Some days ago, WordPress.org informed to release WordPress 4.3 Beta 1 on their blog. Opal WordPress is happy to introduce all our beloved friends, customers to know this hot new. We have just released a new theme “Octopus – Multipurpose WordPress Theme” some days ago and we will experience these changes by installing it with WordPress 4.3. Now we follow us to update information “What’s new coming in WordPress 4.3 (Beta 1)”

#1. Editing Menus in Customizer

With the excellent change in WordPress 4.3, you feel really interested and convenient when you can edit Menus directly in Customizer without moving to Appearance to edit Menus like before and it allows you to live preview changes. This doesn’t happen in WordPress 4.2. When you customize Menus, remember to Save and Publish!



#2.  Adding Site Icon or Favicon

A next interesting feature in WordPress 4.3 is that you can add site icon or favicon into your website. You can upload your site’s favicon or site icon from the WordPress admin area. Simply only visit Settings » General and upload an image for your site icon. Moreover, WordPress will allow you to crop the image and will also show you a live preview of how it will look in browsers and as a mobile icon. Really great and interesting! Let’s experience it right now.



#3. Better Password

A great feature of WordPress 4.3 is that users can feel ease about the secure of password.
WordPress 4.3 allows you to add a new user with a strong password . If before you must ask user to create their own account and now you can do it yourself. Besides, you are allowed to click show password button and add a password for new user. Of course you can change it if you want. WordPress will limit the life time of password resets, no longer send passwords via email, and generate and suggest secure passwords for you.


#4. Edit Improvements

There are many great impr in WordPress 4.3 with writing posts. Users will be really interested when they can reduce time in editing post by using simple markup in the text and you can use inline text shortcuts that are similar to Markdown. However, unlike Markdown these text patterns will immediately transforms patterns into HTML. This is surely going to speed up writing for power users.
For example:
Using * or – will start an unordered list.
Using 1. will start an ordered list.
Using # will transform into h1. ## for h2, ### for h3 and so on.
Using > will transform into blockquote.


#5. Visual/Text Editors in Press This

In WordPress 4.3, Tool Press This will have Visual/Text Editor. You can edit directly your posts easily. As a result, you can create posts quickly with proper formatting tools.

press this

#6. Under The Hood Developments

In WordPress 4.3 shared terms on multiple taxonomies will now split up. This is part of the ongoing taxonomy improvement roadmap. (#30261)
In WordPress template hierarchy, singular.php file will now act as the default fallback template for single.php and page.php. (#22314)
WordPress 4.3 will allow developers to select a primary column when using list tables like on the Posts, Pages, or Media Library screens. (#25408)
Above is all the new features of WordPress 4.3 (Beta 1). Hoping you will have an overview and quickly download and use for your wordpress dashboard. Let’s experience its new excellence and share with your customers! Opal WordPress will update the latest new about the official version of WordPress 4.3 on blog. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or contact us, we will answer you right now. Remember to follow our social channels Facebook, Twitter,Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to get it!
Thanks so much!